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Our Mission

Create the single best tool for restaurant management in the world

We strive to make the best use of technology to maximize profits and simplify the life of foodservice operators all over the world. We think it's time the restaurant and foodservice industry had access to better tools and the proper use of the technology of the future. Artificial intelligence and automation are not just for manufacturing and the medical industry.

We spend way too much time doing repetitive work in our businesses. It's time we used proper tools to manage the boring stuff, so we can get back to what we all love, serving and impressing our guests.

The Product

A powerful platform that makes restaurant management effortless. And it's completely free, forever.

Piecemeal is designed to deliver value fast. We automate many of the tasks so you can focus only on what matters - being with your customers.

We help you manage modules such as inventory, scheduling, purchasing, and food preparation.


Finding out what your variances are can be a pain. No one wants to spend full days counting inventory. Our approach makes it quick and simple. Imagine only counting a few items a day, yet being in control of your food cost.

Menu Engineering

Easily create recipes and menu items. See your food cost change in real-time and take action to ensure profitability. Reactive management is in the past, with Piecemeal, you can know and be proactive to help you save money.


Throw out your pen and paper. Delete that Excel sheet. You can now create schedules quickly, manage employee requests and control your budget as you add the shifts in the schedule. We make it simpler, more fun while helping you be more profitable.