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Ariane, Kitchen Manager
Trécarré Microbrasserie
Carl, Exec. chef
Le Dijon
Nicolas, Owner
Côtes à Côtes
Julie, Dir. of Ops
Chez Gerard
Karine, Co-owner
Microbrasserie St-Pancrace
Norm, Exec. chef
Le Nordik
Rock, Partner
Olivia Bistro

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Step away from the clipboard or single use apps that don’t communicate together. Use the best all-in-one tool tailored for restaurants. Join our community of heroes that already harness the power of our technology to simplify their day to day operations and improve their business profitability.


reduction on your food and labor costs


reduced time spent on admin tasks


Instant cashback when you buy on our marketplace



Save time by counting your inventory simultaneously on multiple devices. Get the the real picture of your actual inventory vs. theoretical levels. Focus on items that show high variances and stop losing money instantly.

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Easily create, cost, print and share your standardized recipe book. Quickly take action on menu item cost changes. Analyze menu performance based on your sales mix. Track allergens throughout your menu items and recipes.

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Discover a unique feature to Piecemeal that will change your life forever! You can upload your supplier invoices and let Piecemeal work its magic by scanning and reading them to update your on-hand quantities & item prices in real-time.

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Tomatoes went up by 25%

Carrots are 20% cheaper


Create profitable schedules based on sales predictions. Stop juggling staff availability and days-off and track them directly in your schedules. Publish & share with your team in a single click.

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Access instant KPI’s with powerful, interactive and effective reports for all modules. Get unique insights into your business to help you take better decisions to ensure its success.

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Discover a simpler and truly more enjoyable way to do your purchases. Browse hundreds of products from dozens of suppliers. Earn up to 5% in Piecemeal Dollars on all purchases done through the platform to spend on your future orders.

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We built Piecemeal to help restaurant owners and operators simplify their business and to support our industry to use technology to manage efficient and profitable businesses. Then we realized that with a unique business model, we could offer it for free so that every operator could enjoy the best that technology has to offer. Why should other industries have all the fun, automation, and simplicity?

We make money in two main ways. First large restaurant groups and chains need the ability to manage multiple accounts in one enterprise dashboard, aggregate data across all locations, and optimize commissary or central kitchens. We offer them these capabilities for a fee.
Also, we make a small percentage off of every transaction that occurs on our marketplace. We share that revenue with you our users by giving you a cashback on every purchase. As Piecemeal grows to serve restaurants and foodservice operations all over the world, these little transactions add up to create an impressive business. A win-win for everyone.



Piecemeal integrates with many of your existing tools to save you even more time and bring you more insights and value. Can't find what you're using? Let us know and we'll work on adding it.

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The support from Piecemeal is the best I've seen, I wouldn't go back to what we've used before.

Norm Aitken, Executive Chef @ Le Nordik

Their support team is quick to answer our questions.

Nicolas Lavigne, Owner @ Côtes à Côtes


Piecemeal was built for restaurant people by restaurant people. We lived through your challenges and we speak your language. We know that managing restaurants is a tough business, our team is on standby to help you succeed.

We don’t like Piecemeal, we love it. We used to update our purchased price once a year in a spreadsheet document. Now, it’s effortlessly updated weekly. Managing our menu cost has never been this easy and fun. Using Piecemeal has become more than a source of motivation for our team, it has made the boring exciting.

Julie Pomerleau
Director of Operations

Piecemeal gave us the ability to focus on expanding our business by taking away the redundant work out of the equation. Piecemeal is at the core of any menu pricing strategies at Boustan, enabling us to deliver great results to both our topline and bottomline.

Hussein Karaki
Area Manager

I have worked with many restaurant management software in the past, none of them comes close to Piecemeal. Time spent doing our monthly inventory counts has been cut in half. I recommend Piecemeal to anyone looking for a single solution to manage their restaurant.

Carl Mechineau
Executive Chef

As soon as I started using Piecemeal, I knew there was no way I would ever go back to my old tools. The work becomes easier on all levels. I use Piecemeal to manage and publish my employees' schedules every week in just a couple of clicks. Piecemeal allows me to save time doing routine tasks so I can then focus on more important aspects of my business.

Ariane Fiset Miljours
Kitchen Manager

For a couple of years, we have been using different Excel sheets and tools to manage our business. After testing different platforms, Piecemeal quickly became the main tool to our menu costing needs. The platform is easy to use and their support team is quick to answer our questions.

Nicolas Lavigne

I've used many systems to manage restaurants in my career, but what I love about Piecemeal is that it's easy to use for my entire team, it looks clean, it's flexible and agile. Plus the support from Piecemeal is the best I've seen, I wouldn't go back to what we've used before.

Norm Aitken
Executive Chef