Put your restaurant on autopilot

with our artificial intelligence platform


Restaurant management involves many time intensive tasks on a daily basis, leading to shortcuts, errors and lack of control over your business.

Our platform will help you leverage the power of artificial intelligence to put these tasks on autopilot.

Save Time

Spend less time with your papers and more time with your customers.

Avoid Mistakes

Make sure you always have your numbers up to date to take important decisions quickly and with confident.

Maximize Profit

Reduce labor cost, food waste and food cost and maximize your profit.


Piecemeal was founded by people that are just like you. We started our way washing dishes, working in kitchens and slowly building our way up. We Have 30 years of experience, working in restaurants, owning restaurants and helping restaurants.

We work on solving real problems that we've experienced during these many years and we bring our passion to serve others. We're committed to your success!

Christopher Wells, CEO

Christopher has over 26 years of experience in the restaurant industry. In 2010 he founded Wells Hospitality Consultants to help restaurants execute and manage more efficiently. Since then he's worked with over 125 restaurant operators on creating an outstanding guest experience while managing finances to grow profits.

Oz Trachtman, CTO

Oz started his way in the restaurant industry at the age of 15. 3 years ago, together with his brother, he opened his own restaurant. While still taking an active role in his restaurant, his passion for technology and helping others led him to start Piecemeal where he can help restaurants in their journey to become succesful.

Partners and Accelerators

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